iPhone 11 Screenshots to Glu

JMO9JMO9 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
Anyone having problems sending screenshots to Glu with iPhone 11?  


  • JMO9JMO9 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts

  • JMO9JMO9 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts

    Referencing these screenshots since I can’t send to Glu on app.  Hopefully they check this when I send it to them 
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    Thank you for the information and advice!
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    @JMO9  You can use the Contact Us Button from The help pages here: https://glumobile.helpshift.com/. to contact support.  Select your game from the drop down, Hit Contact Us and you should be able to attach the SS thst way.  
    And if you get a chance, check out the subforum specifically for your game. It’s a wealth of information and puts  you in touch with others playing the game.  & It separates the Ballers from the Kardashians,. (  At least here in the forums.)  Good luck and now I’m going back to play with dolls.  :) Other than helping you send your screenshots, I’m no help unless it’s Kardashians. Nice meeting you and Welcome to the Forums! 

    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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    Using these screenshots because I can't send to Glu through the app.  Hopefully, when I email it to them, they will review it.
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