Dismissive way handling the loss of over 1000 in gold over glitches

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I actually just tried to post a borderline disgruntled and infuriated held back my tongue, yet it glitched and erased everything so it’s another great  example of what’s been going on to me and apparently hundreds of thousands of others I have lost what may seem to mini is nothing but to me I thousands in gold , Chose not to complain which is my fault, it would happen here and there would restart during a match up or I would lose the free video but this is ridiculous I actually sat there we’re probably on and off over two hours trying to re-coop the gold I had just had stolen from me literally, When you purchase something you use it for it’s purpose and then on a constant basis in the same game three times last night all in all I lost 450 in gold and I got zero points!!!! So is is the spend my money to get customer service to respond back to me basically dismissing the gold that was taken to glitches which happens but when you’ve been to the Apple Store I have a perfect connection I have a nonstop Wi-Fi I don’t move I am virtually a statue ! I’m gonna stop texting now because I’ve had to do this three times and I’m not even anywhere where I would have a glitch I made a major thorough fare ! I have my own Wi-Fi my own cellular data I don’t make changes I know better I’ve refreshed I’ve updated I’ve been to Apple I’ve called, Xfinity and this is a Glu issue and I’ve done everything on my end but I really hope this time I get a better response than sorry we can’t refund honestly that is unacceptable especially when you look at the amount of players this is happening tonight understand this is a business but this is not a business this is called a Ponzi scheme, If you look at my account you can see the decrease is significant Iosing my CVC matches,  I sat there and took pictures of the screen restarted it refreshed it restarted the phone and I still was staring at the picture back-and-forth and watching the clock tick down during the match up with nothing I could do about it except for the money you took from me .. Then when I went watch the videos it was like a triple slap in the face, I have never once had a glitch after I’ve accumulated over 100 in gold and not even get it back and it didn’t give me my boxes back nothing and I never open them and this was two days ago I was so disgusted by the response of the last response from glu  representative , Like I said I love playing this game, but it will be something that will really be a disappointment but I can’t keep throwing my money in the gutter in my time either and I guess I would probably advise my friends and teammates and same I’d hate to do that I really hope that you take this as a player that just is looking for fairness and not anything more or anything less I just don’t want to be treated like I am being overly Upset/fed up because that response is what really put me over the edge I’m just trying one more time to open this long discussion because if your players that really play not only daily but play money daily are easily thrown away that quickly for you that’s a sad state of affairs and I will be verupset/fed up because that response is what really put me over the edge I’m just trying one more time to open this line discussion because if your players that really play Natalie daily but play money dear are easily thrown away that quickly for you that Will do nothing but lead to many more to walk away and I don’t want to do that at all but I can’t sit here and rationalize how I can continue to get any better when I am wasting money and getting nothing not even the points towards the team I know what happens when it glitches after you play I know with all these issues I understand why you can’t be giving things here and there but things should be handled in case these places and especially I reached out I’ve tried my best I really am going to keep a happy thought here and stay positive in your company that you will do something to rectify the situation that way I can continue to enjoy the game throughout the World Series and furthermore into the next year and after that  it erased all of the cumulated gold I had to spend hours altogether with the
5 15 second and 32nd videos videos and the accumulated gold which was over 108 I know that but since you can’t see how much you have until you’re done I wasn’t privy  to know which I probably lost more due to the glitches and the restarting ...1I’ve been to the Apple store I have updated I have done everything and the bottom line is it falls on Glu 100 Percent and how you handled this is how I guess I will hopefully with dignity and class as I have tried to thank you
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