Franchise coins, leveling costs & other complaints

kehatekehate Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
First, y’all out waaaaaaaaay too much value on Franchise Coins. There’s no way they’re equal to getting 4 First Round Draft Picks - as there are 51 of each in Club Loyalty Boxes. 

Second, let’s talk about leveling costs - especially on the Keepers. 1,500 Gold and 250 EVO to go from gold to platinum? Somebody needs to be hit with a baseball bat for that. Beyond that, leveling players is ridiculously costly. When we trade them in, we should get back 50% of everything we used - Gold, XP, EVO and Cash. Getting less than 5,000LXP for a G10 Legend is BS and you know it.

Currently, I’m a D4 - yes, stupid of me. I know. That aside, someone want to explain to me how in the hell a 3.5 star pitcher is Diamond level and outranks my D10 special edition 5 star pitcher in Season Mode? Hmmm? For Season Mode, the CPU players should be capped at the same max levels that they would be if we had them. Part of the reward for getting to Platinum and Diamond as a player should be that certain aspects of the game become easier - like Season Mode and CVC. Speaking of CVC, that junk is broken. As stated earlier, I’m a D4 and most of my roster is Platinum - meaning they’re rated 2x higher than the pitchers in CVC. Yet I routinely get zero points from Auto Play and rarely break 100K while a player in an opposing club is a Silver level dropping 1M, 3M points in a single round while using Auto Play with only one or two bonus players - meanwhile I’ll have 3 to 5 bonus players with multipliers from 200 to 700 and can’t get 100K out of them. By all logic, my players should destroy the pitchers in CVC. So WTF?

Also, your loot system sucks balls. Right now Jackie Robinson is in an alleged 4 out of 1000 boxes. That’s a .4% chance of getting him - yet someone posted recently that they got him twice and also pulled Knoblauch from a handful of boxes. That’s some BS.


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    donkeydongs1992donkeydongs1992 Registered Users, Member 36 Posts
    This is all accurate and hilarious ! I wish I had some advice as I'm trash at this game but still love it. I'm only G4 but I am all star level 9 😭. I'm sitting on a few boxes and plan to open them soon but I hear what you're saying about the reward ratio. That percentage is not so good yet all the guys are pulling multiple Jackie Robinson's like wtf? 
    1...2...3... Baseball!
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    kehatekehate Registered Users, Member 46 Posts
    I’m All-Star 13, I think. Which is a ridiculous amount of money spent on this sh!t a$$ game, but I have a competitive streak as wide and deep as the Mississippi delta soooooo..... I get pissed off and spend money. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Pretty sure my wife is gonna kill me over it at some point, too.

    The only advice I’ve gotten in regards to CVC is to pay the $9.99 a week for the CVC subscription. Which is where you can get a 1500x multiplier for like 40G, you get extra retries and the hitting bonus is higher I think. I did it one week and didn’t even break 1M in a round when I had 5 bonus players. Five phucking bonus players with multipliers from 200 to 600 and got multiple Auto Plays of zero points. Like how the phuck does that even happen when the pitchers are 98 and my lowest hitter is a 211? Customer service is all, “The AI for that is random.” Really, dude? So then how is some Silver level chump whooping my a$$ with 3M points in a single round? Whatever. I’m just b!tching because I’m tired of losing to players that haven’t put in the same amount of time as me.

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    luxiz498luxiz498 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
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    BMITCHELL81BMITCHELL81 Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    This doesn't really pertain to any one else's post that I know of but I think if they are going to have SO many bonus players that change on daily basis that should put atleast 1 of those bonus players in the franchise store.  I  don't know about anyone else but I'd spend 10 coins to get 1 on the day's I couldn't win one or whatever the case may be.  Just putting my 2 cents out there. 
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