Improvements ramble

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Finally after all this time the gameplay has sped up. The season mode rewards should have legend xp in there. The season mode rewards need to be better. The reliever picks in there are a waste.  Legend xp is so limited it should be in walk off and even slugfest. Even though slugfest hasnt been good since you could battle for gold. The daily moments should include gold like last year and not just bonus game, blue xp, and cash. The epic coins should exist like last year and have a chance to win that player. Need to add and release newer players and legends instead of a hundred different editions of the same legend. The brackets need to be realistic every single day. Not put into these cheater clubs who spend ridiculous amounts. The rebracket for royale eveny needs to be fixed. I have not once all year have it been beneficial after rebracket. Before rebracket guaranteed top 5 then after rebracket always ends up in the 40s. The activity level of clubs, how many members, team strength etc needs to be bracketed equally. Its just feeding and feeding these big clubs the rewards over and over again. The achievement gifts are so recycled its crazy. Put some players boxes in there for a chance and some real xp atleast mega prime or mega legend xp. When you put 5 bonus games and 5 ice wraps it just irritates people. Thats just the facts. If you want people to spend more money then have your specials making people come back for more. Atleast like 4k gold 12 boxes of players and some xp for $20. When you say login for gift and login for gift and its just 20k cash and ice wraps that doesnt bring a customer back wanting to play more. The rewards after the event have been slightly better but it can improve. The progression for after event hitting the certain amount of points should always give an x amount of gold. The people who talk on global asking for girls or dirty talk should be banned or jailed because its just nonsense. Theres plenty of more ideas to take into consideration to making this game great. Making some of these improvements is step in right direction. 
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