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Hi guys!!
My name is Mariam, I am 14 (I know I am such a baby 😅) and I am from Egypt!
I started playing this game in mid 2014-2015 and stopped for a bit but here I am! I love this game so much and this community seems so interesting and I would like to make new friends in game and here!! I hope you all have a great day/night and I love you all!! 

Q:- Whats your zodiac sign?
My A:- My sun sign is Pisces ♓️ 
My Moon sign is Virgo ♍️ 
& My Rising sign is Cancer ♋️ 
I don't know why would y'all even be interested in this Im– 


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    Hiii, Im Mari too and Im also new here in the forum! I play since 2015 too, I just love the game! I confess that I stoped playing for a while, but came back, just like you
    Hope to make new friends here too!
    By the way, I am 20 and from Brazil 💚
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    Hi guys!  
    Level 30  
    A+ List    
    Facebook playerr
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    Hi miriam. I’m 28 but willing to make friends to chat and share baseball stats.
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