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hi my name is bella or bell ive been playing kkh since day one. iOS user and android. im a A+++ on iOS lvl 75 and on android its my second because i have pretty much done everything on my main so on android im currently level 22 and a A List. Im very into horror and aesthetic, hell most of my clothing on kkh is goth horror themed actually. I also make video edits, if you want to add me my fb is https://www.facebook.com/DeadRosesOnYoGrave/. Im very open to anything um, i like making friends a little anti-social but im open yunnooo. if you want my insta (where i do edits will post kkh soon on there) just dm me. Yes, i am new to this site. dont bully me.
level 22 A List. Android/iOS. Add me on fb !! https://www.facebook.com/DeadRosesOnYoGrave/
p.s i adore freddy krueger !
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