Time Error ??? Deer Hunt Classic ??? Lost glu ???

AlexandruCiucaAlexandruCiuca Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hello ,
My name is Alexandru Ciuca, for more than 5 days for the game Deer Hunter Classic - I get an error - time error. For this reason, even if I paid an upgrade for a telescope, it cannot be done, the energy does not recover after a while. I am in region 32, the opening name is Restyng Mystery 27414 and in the game I have the name SilentTornado44252. More than 1200 glu, obtained from bonuses were transformed into gold, silver or red coins.
Please intervene to fix the problems with the timer, if I am not forced to desist from the game.
      Thanks ,
                            Ciuca Alexandru.
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