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Anyone else not receive the “special outfit” containing the black sparkle dress and silver handheld bag after submitting their email for the newsletter? I’ve contacted GLU several times, have submitted multiple screenshots to prove I did not receive the outfit and they eventually just kept closing out my “ticket” because I told them they need to compensate me for not receiving the outfit. Please tell me someone has a solution because I’ve been playing this game for YEARS!!!! And I’ve never had this problem but I’m am so pissed off that they aren’t even trying to help. They keep saying “it’s been added to my wardrobe” but it has not!!! I’ve waited weeks!!!!! 


  • shannon25shannon25 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Hello?!?!?! Something needs to be done. It’s hard enough to get the items without spending all your hard earned real life money. I need a response! 
  • Tiffany1391Tiffany1391 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    I signed up for silver vip Trail period yesterday and other then one event I haven’t gotten any benefits. No stars,no energy no special outfits is there something I’m doing wrong every time I go into energy and hit max it just tell me that I’ve subscribed for silver like what’s the point if you don’t get anything or is there something I’m supposed to do to get it started I did the event and got 5 stars 
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