Flagged for cheating tool

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I come to to this forum hopefully to get some answers. I been playing taps baseball for the last 3 years and had it on both my work phone and personal phone. The changes for the 2020 seemed to be good from what I have seen so far. I binged playing the game over the last 2 weeks. In the last week I spent probably over 40 hrs playing the club event. A couple hours before midnight Sunday evening I log in to complete a couple more club events to find that I am not in a club anymore and im unable to join any club. I have been communicating over the last day with "customer service" through the app only to receive the same generic messages that it appears everyone else receives saying that my account was flagged for using a cheating tool. I literally have no idea what a cheating tool is or how you would even use one with this game. I am also deeply concerned with the accusation of cheating. In researching it online it appears that if someone in the club you were in is caught cheating that the app just mass bans everyone from the club. Which I completely disagree with as a practice when your app is set up to automatically assign you to a random club with random people at the beginning of the game when your first able to join clubs. Im being told i was being banned due to their automated system detecting that a cheating tool was used and when I ask for clarification or explanation i get the same exact generic automated responses from customer service. I have a feeling I was investigated and charged by a computer and tried,judged and executed by a computer as well. And now when I try to seek explanation and get answers all I get is automated responses. I will never recommend this game to anyone or spend a dime on any of these companies games.
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