not following the theme in sys

FarahxKKHFarahxKKH Registered Users, Member 9 Posts
all of us are suffering from people who do not follow the theme and still get high votes than people who do really follow the theme. Glu should so something about this too! not following the theme is actually disrespectful. why there is a theme then if most of the players do not follow it... in my opinion, players who do not follow the theme should be banned. Or , glu has to eliminate all the clothes from the wardrobe that do not follow that theme and just keep options that might follow the theme. 
PARIS STREET STYLE was a disaster! people following the theme got reallyy loowww votes and people submitting gowns and summing suits got high votes.. this is not a healthy competition and its also not fair. Thank you ❤
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