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Heyyyy KKH players!
How did everyone do in this weeks show your style event?!
Hope you all had fun! ♥️

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for other players who play KKH? Much love fancy babies!  Hope you’re all well and staying safe. 💋


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    hi and welcome.if you Follow this direct link, https://communities.glu.com/kim-kardashian-hollywood/discussion/comment/6846011#Comment_6846011. That will bring you to the SYS thread  for the event thst ended last night.  Right now you are basically in the ”lobby’ of all GluMobile games.  You want to get to the KK:H Suite of threads, or our own forum.  Right now you are talking to baseball game  fans, cooking game  fans, etc. we have fadhion threads where you can post pictures, a gifting and Ftiends section to connect with others from the forum, a FAQ & Support section .  Welcome to the forum.  Hope to see you there.  <3
    and if you follow that link, that takes you directly to another place where we’d love to see your Pucture. 
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    & I PLAY 3 GAMES
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    Thank you, I’m new to this GLU.💖🤣
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