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Greetings everyone!

Names SwiftJustice, however I go by Swift. I’ve been playing since about a week after the game launched. I had been waiting for a Disney Turn based RPG to be released for years, so you can imagine my excitement when I discovered this gem.
There are plenty of broken and unfair characters, teams, skills, spells and more. It’s not an easy game, but it’s is beyond fun! The Glu team is working tirelessly on this wonderful game and based on the responses I have received I can tell they care about their players and community. You can also tell they read to understand and not just to reply - you’re speaking with REAL people.
But I digress - I’m in a lovely guild, where I get the opportunity to connect with members - seasoned and a bit wet behind the ears. 
As a seasoned player and due to the time I dedicate to this game as well as what I analyze and experience whether online or not. I greatly enjoy helping others navigate the game, learn how to best use characters, find teams that work to best benefit a player. I’ve done quite a bit of research and have reached out to the community and the Glu team as to issues that should be addressed and other aspects of the game I think could use a bit of attention. 
I would be more than happy to assist anyone in anyway regarding the game. I really do love this game and I love supporting it in any way possible from spending time with my friends and being able to let out my inner child and love of all things Disney and games.
I know things can seem unfair and frustrating, we are all experiencing that and I know the Glu team is working very hard to make us all happy.
In conclusion if you need any help or advices - perhaps just someone to talk to, I’m willing and able. 

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