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My show your style event still has'nt come through and its already Saturday, Kalinda called me but the event won't pop up. They said you should message Kalinda directly but I don't know how to and neither do I know how to get customer care from inside the game. Please help I was so excited for the Kimiversary show your style event. Kalinda here is my ID so it's easier to help me 5200c49b


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    Hey @Annastachia13
    Thanks for letting us know about your issues in KKH. 
    To contact support from within your app
    1. Select the menu button in the top left corner of our screen. It looks like three horizontal lines. 
    2. From here, the menu options should pop up. 
    3. Select "Help". This opens the Help & Support menu.
    4. Select "Glu Support"
    5. If none of the listed topics cover your issue, please select the messaging icon in the top right corner, next to the magnifying glass. 

    This open up a conversation directly with support and provides us with all of the necessary information needed to accurately resolve your issue. 

    This way, if there's anything blocking the event from continuing they'll be able to check it out. 

    Thanks again, doll!
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