Disappeared ability to view videos

vic2120mvic2120m Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
Tapping view video is getting more and more erratic especially to work my way thru x/10 or x/12 Viewings to get a prize on some days. I can’t get more than two videos and it say that they’re unavailable at this time then if I leave the accomplishments area I can’t find my way back to it no matter what navigation buttons I press. Very sad I am. Help. 😭


  • RR PhoenixRR Phoenix New Member Registered Users 71 Posts
    Hey @vic2120m!

    Video availability is completely dependent on advertisers. If they want to advertise to your specific demographic they may offer videos, but if not, then you will not have any to view. Unfortunately, there is no way to make them want to show videos.

    We do try to use multiple vendors in order to increase the chance a video will be available for all of our players. You will just need to check back frequently to see if any are available.

    Hope this helps!

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