Lost my QuizUp chat !

hsnhsn Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I just accessed QuizUp to find that they have erased my old and very important chats !
I want to retrieve them through this : I still have the app on my old phone which hadn't had an update for long (the phone was off for some time, over a year). Luckily, the old chats are still there.

But now, after I've revived the phone and connected internet to it to access the old QuizUp chats, the app demanded an UPDATE !!
 the problem is.. i can't access my profile or anything unless I do an update after which I'm sure my chats will disappear !

I only want to take screenshots of my chats on QuizUp for once and get done with this horrible thing !

Please, if anyone knows how or can have an idea or can link me to someone , tell me. I don't know where to access the chat messages from. If I can do it any way, apk, internal storage or some 3rd party app. I don't know. Pleaase help
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