Recovery of lost account

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Hey everyone. I have a situation where I lost access to my Disney Sorcerer's Arena account, and I was wondering if anyone has been in my shoes before and how long it took to recover it. I have already submitted a support ticket the exact moment it happened (one and a half hours after new year's, January 1st).

Long story short, I have already sent Glu all the information they asked for, and have all kinds of evidence that the account is mine - several purchase receipts, screenshots including my Profile and Player ID, previous support tickets regarding other inquiries from this very same account, the fact that in-game the account is linked to the very e-mail I am using to ask for support, that the account has been (very!) active ever since it was created and now hasn't had any activity starting from the time I asked for support, and even PvP matchup screenshots where I can tell the date and time my account has been matched against other players, in case those are ever needed.

Have any of you been there before? How long did it take to solve the issue?

Thanks for reading me out :) nice 2021, everyone.
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