Whats up with this Game? Sorry, but that seems a bit.....

rjbaer72rjbaer72 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I play this game every day, but without additional payment. I collect all things and play the Events for collecting all the possible parts.
I`m no in Level 58 and have a player with 5 Stars but with no Chance for further upgrades because he need parts of Stage IX. And parts of this Level i can`t collect! Super! Mega! Fantastic! 
Another Girl with 5 Stars and 500 Training i can`t upgrade up to 6 Stars because i‘m only in Level 58. Haha, what a joke. And i can`t win the Level 58 fight because i have there the Player which need the IX parts for additional strength.

Sorry, but that sucks and i‘m Not Interested in damn clicking and collecting the next 5 years for a upgrade of a player for win a fight to reach the Level 59 and 60.

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