I am finally playing this amaizing game again!

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I've startes playing this game at my kitchen with a werry low WI-FI conection back when I was 14 or 15 yeasrs old and I was obsessed ever since! I palyed until my hands,brain and eyes were fired every night while my mom was sleeping and newer got bored. I reached the top amd delited the game bacause I got bored a little bit and didn't have a memory space at my bad,old phone. But now how many yeasrs later I am plaing again and I can not expalin to you guys how glad I am to have started again! It is so much better than I remember it being and I am so glad. Before I was married to Dirik amd now I am in a searxh for a new love in new homes that I am buying and I love it! Thank you to Kim and the gly team and everyone on this forum(that I just disscovered) for maybe reading what I had to say! Love you all!💖


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    congratulations! I'm so happy that there are some people can have a happy endings thanks to playing games
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