Haven't gotten my VIP badge yet!!!

Exile_Cr0ssfireExile_Cr0ssfire Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
I'm an All-Star level 10 and still have not gotten my badge yet 🙄🙄. Fix this please or tell me what I gotta do to get it!!!


  • RR PhoenixRR Phoenix Registered Users, Moderators, Moderator 159 Posts
    Hey @Exile_Cr0ssfire! The Tap Sports VIP Program is a loyalty and rewards system offered to our most hardcore users.

    Perks to being in the program include a shiny badge under your name in your TSB Profile, the VIP Hotline for expedited customer care, and the ability to subscribe to the Tap Sports VIP Newsletter where users can learn about the latest and greatest TSB has to offer as well as earn cool rewards both in the game and in real life!

    While we cannot give full details on how users are chosen, membership in the program is based on a culmination of in-game factors including but not limited to in-game activity such as time and money spent playing in the game and a clean bill of good behavior both in-game and on our official TSB channels such as our forums, Facebook, and Twitter.

    Hope this helps!
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