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Hello. I have been using tap sports 22 and now 23 and I have been trying to send a chat message to your customer care for now free weeks with absolutely no response whatsoever on either app! I also sent a tweet on Twitter and that has gone on, answered as well. Is this the kind of customer service and I use that loosely? Is this what I am supposed to expect when I am a paying customer!? as I have been waiting as mentioned for over three weeks for any kind of response or acknowledgment I need this to be escalated ASAP. As I am very dissatisfied with the lack of courtesy or concerns for users issues.


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    You should have received an automated message that we received your tickets.  If you did not please be sure to put in another one.  Once you have received that you can be sure we will be replying as soon as an agent is available.  If you already have a ticket in please do not submit more as that just increases the wait times for everyone.  Our wait times have been very long with the launch which is typical though no tickets have gone 3 weeks.  The oldest ticket from those titles is currently just under 4 days.  Twitter is not a platform that we currently offer support on.

    We are hoping to get back to our normal under 48 hours response time within another week or so. 
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