Team disappeared after switching over to tsb23

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Already switched my VIP team to tsb23 had my keepers and then my team wouldn't come back up. Have been conversing with CS for over a week and it's been to no avail so far. On all star level 18 and I will L probably miss VIP rewards on April 7th because of this mess . Can't connect with Facebook and they had me create a new email address and none of it has worked. 


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    Sorry to hear you are having difficulties with the account.  Continuing to work with the ticket you have open is the best bet.  Based on your description this isn't a known issue or common so it will likely require discussions with the developers which obviously can take quite a bit of time to troubleshoot. 
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    I have sent screenshots for proof and had to start a bronze team just to play but I am  truly upset over this situation .I have spent at least 12k over the  years I have been playing.I am waiting for my VIP eam to come back so I can start spending again. I like this game and my club the CASUALS are waiting for me.please help.I sent a screenshot to CS to show my keepers and my  star level 18.
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    As you might expect there have been many tickets with unique situations to linking to previous accounts so there is still a backlog to get through particularly if it has to be escalated to the development team.  I am sure we will be able to get it all fixed up but the wait will be much longer than usual for usually the first 3 weeks after the launch.

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