Account temporary suspended

StevieC95StevieC95 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
Hello. I was playing MLB TSB 23 when the app crashed. Now when I try to log back in I get a message saying that my account was temporarily suspended and to try again in 30 minutes. It’s been over an hour since this occurred and I continue to have to same issue.

If it matters, I was playing free games when this happened and got a message for a club bonus. I clicked the “get gift” button and then the game crashed. 

I’ve read through the terms of service and I haven’t broken any rules. I only use 1 device and I don’t use any software to cheat. I was tapping away quickly because the weekend event is ongoing but I was also moving between screens to check my progress and stuff. 

Will this issue resolve itself or can someone look into my account to fix it? 
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