I'm trying to unlock my Tap Sports 23 account because it says it was locked for device switching

NickNYYNYGNickNYYNYG Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
As the title says, I'm trying to unlock my account. However, every time I try to use the in game support and click chat with support, no agent ever joins chat or responds. I have received one email response telling me to create a new team and create an in-game ticket... which I think is what I am doing by trying to connect to an agent as I don't see any other option anywhere to create a ticket or contact support. Either way, I have tried a number of times, all with the same result, or lack of response to be precise. Who do I contact to get my account unlocked? Since I have now wasted $19.99 because I purchased a medium field pass and then account was locked 8 hours later.. in which I would like something to be done about that as well, please and thank you!


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