My name is Chuck Edwards I've been playing this game for approximately 6:00 seasons

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I really like this game very competitive on the last two seasons I ended the season undefeated and I was hoping to do the same this season so far I am defeated this year with about eight games left to play but I have a record with two losses that were posted to my record and where I won the games so I should have another undefeated season again this year I'm not sure who I talk to maybe somebody out there could help me with this I'd like to have that Rectify before the season ends with those losses on my record I'd like to have it change to no losses which is what I have accomplished again for the third season in a row I'm looking forward to playing everybody I hope you looking forward to playing against me see you on the field boys and girls thank you that's about it. I would just like two get those two losses off my record and have my third straight undefeated season it would be really really gratifying. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.
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