anyone else have a ticket that is being ignored?!

shaykittyshaykitty New Member9 PostsRegistered Users
Here's the deal...I play et2 and I spent a good sum of money on this game. The game reset so i put in a ticket to get it fixed. 4 freakin weeks ago! So I strolled around the forums in search of advice only to find that this is not an uncommon practice of ignoring or not resolving tickets that involve refunding or compensating their customers. Anyone else being basically stolen from?


  • shannyshanny Senior Member 440 PostsRegistered Users
    Hi shaykitty, I know you are having a hard time with your ticket. I saw your other thread. Although I do not have anything to do with customer support, I will see what I can do to draw attention to this matter.;)
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  • FrancisFrancis Advanced Member 591 PostsRegistered Users, Moderators
    There are no tickets ignored as I pointed out in my reply today in your initial thread here.

    You most likely did not see our reply in your inbox, maybe due to spam filtering or problems with your email hosting mail delivery. We responded to your message 40 minutes after it was received.

  • ShadowDragonShadowDragon New Member 7 PostsRegistered Users
    Well I sure hope my ticket does not get ignored. It would be nice to see that the person who put in the ticket over 4 weeks ago had gotten some form of resolution to the issue and was able to post "how happy they are" about the resolution to the issue. Comments like this on a forum that should have been created for users to talk about the game I imagine would seriously hurt business. Hopefully everyone and anyone that has a ticket in will get a prompt response to get things fixed.

  • dilg2012dilg2012 Senior Member 358 PostsRegistered Users
    We do want everyone to get solutions to their issues. Cheers.
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  • FrancisFrancis Advanced Member 591 PostsRegistered Users, Moderators
    ShadowDragon's issue was address a few days ago. It's all good now :)
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