Ios 7

DdannenDdannen Senior MemberRegistered Users 875 Posts
Well I took the plunge and updated my tablet to the newest version of IOS. First impressions are positive, can still play indestructible so that good. :cool: It's a little different looking yet the overall design appears simpler and smooth.

whats your take on the new OS?
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  • ZbjZbj Advanced Member Registered Users 581 Posts
    It is a really different look, it will take a while for me to get used to it. :) I am not having any trouble with the new iOS7 and any apps. I can still play my Stardom Hollywood! It is a new look, Apple is clearly changing, hopefully for the better.
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  • ShiroShiro Community Moderator Moderators 2,066 Posts
    I got iOS7 during beta, so I can clearly see the changes that happened with that and the official release. It's very clean and polished. Fresh look on the outdated iOS5 and iOS6. Can still play Stardom as well. :]
  • DdannenDdannen Senior Member Registered Users 875 Posts
    Pretty happy with the update, shut down a few things to increase speed and added battery life, definitely liking ios7
    Dapper [S&A Co.™]

    Yeah that's my GC name!
  • InovoeInovoe New Member Registered Users 9 Posts
    I like the new functionality of iOS 7, but hate the look. Would much rather have the old look from iOS 6.
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