Glu Customer Care Response is Non-existent

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I’ve been playing the game Stardom: Hollywood and love it! The only issue is that the real estate agent Lisa is missing! It’s a glitch in the game and many other gamers are having the same issue. I looked at game reviews in the App Store and many people have been reporting the same problem for a few months and it has yet to be addressed. I sent in my own “contact us” message and have yet to hear back. Very frustrating when a company you like seems to not care very much about how their customers are feeling.


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    That is not a title currently under development and it is unlikely any bug with it will get addressed. I believe the last update for that title was 2014. We do answer every ticket that comes to customer care and our goal is within 48 hours. Currently the oldest tickets in queue are a bit over 3 days.
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    I so agree. It's very upsetting. I play Kim K Hollywood and customer service there is the not good. . I pay for something and didn't get it so I contact them via " contact us", got one like three days later telling me I gotta spend more money, I'm stupid to do it and still don't get it. So I message back it's almost been a full week still noting. I send them screenshots and everything nothing b. I tried the website and the message I got back was like we get to you when we get to you. It's disgusting. At less we sorry about this and we are working on it will do . Like I want to quite the game but I put so much time and embers that I feel someone should do the same. I love the game and played many from them but this last time been very upsetting.
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    Today I actually got some help . TG. So now I'm actually happy. Hopefully they can help me
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