My phone died before I could collect my 4,000 gold

jmink500jmink500 Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
  I leveled up on platinum and I had just won the playoffs and then once’s I won I saw a screen that shows that I won 4,000 gold and 150,000$ and before I could hit OK my phone died. After I powered it back on it did not save and of the Rewards that I won. Can You help me Glu??


  • vic2120mvic2120m Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    similar problem. Just level up on platinum again. Then  win playoff again but this time plug your f%$&#g phone in. Just kidding. Sorry. But, yes, it did happen to me. Tech support told me they did have a record, time stamped , of me receiving it...basically...sorry , don’t pasS  GO, don’t collect $200. Better luck to you.
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