Banned for 7 days? / could not link to facebook

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Ok so I’ve been waiting for 12 hours currently for one reply so far, Yesterday I payed for cvc edge and today I purchased a field pass, after I purchased the field pass I started opening my boxes and BOOM it crashed, went back on and BOOM banned for 7 days? Customer support said I’m not banned? My account is linked through Facebook and they’re saying I should go in the account (that’s an email) and start a ticket, again my account is through Facebook. Everytime I try logging in on Facebook  I get “could not link to facebook”, same with Apple account “could not link to apple”, and honestly I hate to be this guy because honestly I enjoy this game so much, but I’m seriously pissed off and I’m more upset because I’m well aware I’m not going to be compensated at all and that upsets me so much as I’ve spent at least $1.5k+ over the years and over $100 This week on this account, and this is my 2nd field pass error, this was such a waste of money because I’m not even going to be able to use what I payed for or even get another to fix it, I also still cannot sign into my account and don’t know what to do, I really need help please and thank you.


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    Also I understand the support team is dealing with a lot of tickets always, and I see a lot of you are dealing with the same issue, so if anyone knows how I can fix this please lmk my club is struggling with my leave.
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