Field Pass Issue and Charged Twice

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My game is MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2020. I bought the large and medium field passes for the weekdays. However, the field passes were not working at all. I did not get the player discounts, and I could not autoplay to end which the field pass benefits give. Furthermore, I was charged twice for the large field pass. I sent a support ticket 2 days ago. I have also emailed glu support. I have not received any replies or help from customer support. All my friends who sought customer support help after me received replies within a few hours. I have missed the last two events due to this. The field passes expire today and I have yet to receive any benefits from them. It seems as if I’m just going to waste $38 AUD and gained nothing from it. In total, I got charged $61 AUD due to you guys charging twice for my large pass.


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    Hey @Money532! Thanks for making us aware of your field pass issue, sadly there's not much I can do to help with your account on a public forum  :'( .
    Fear not! Please send in a ticket to support from within your game. Our current wait time for TSB is non existent so your message should be answered very soon to say the least!
    I'm sure you'll be back to normal in no time! 
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