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    I love the idea of having cars so we can eliminate travel costs (as is the case in KKH). I know there's an option to subscribe to a travel service but that's more costly than a one time purchase and kind of defeats the purpose. 
    Kendall is known for loving classic cars so I think that would be an amazing addition to the game. Kylie is known for purchasing cars whenever she's in the mood so having vehicles available for purchase in the game would be extremely appreciated.
    I am not far into the storyline yet so I don't know what is to come but... Kylie has multiple businesses, two of which are skincare and beauty/cosmetics. If they are not yet apart of the storyline, I think they would be great additions.
    Kendall is a world-famous model who has modeled in the most popular fashion shows, one of which being the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Having that storyline and some iconic VS fashion in the game would be perfect. Although, VS is a lingerie company and this game is likely played by children  :#  :sweat_smile:

    Also (this may happen in the KKH game before it happens in KKG but...) transgender dolls!! If players start out as one gender but feel like switching to another gender there should be some storyline attached to it that would consider the doll transgender. However, dolls would only be able to change their gender once. 
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