dating friends.... sorry i put this in the wrong place before

marir222marir222 Registered Users 356 Posts
so I want to date one of my friends, but I already used him for a contact on an event. When I go click the heart thing to go on a date it doesn't give me that person I want as an option. Is this something that you can't do as in not dating people you already used as an event or is it some type of glitch??
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    JudithtalanconJudithtalancon Registered Users 133 Posts
    I don't think you can turn a contact you chose to have for an event to a romantic one yet, sorry :( I might be wrong but I've tried it, too because there's one contact that I reallyyy wanted to start a relationship with lol but I couldn't find the way to turn him into a romantic contact
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    RizalinaRizalina Registered Users 1 Posts
    This is most likely because when you first met him/her you tapped "Chat" instead of "Flirt".
    To be able to date someone, you must have tapped "Flirt" when you first met. It doesn't seem like there is a way to change this right now.
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    yayayamieyayayamie Registered Users 11 Posts
    have a huge issue with this. especially once you reach the point where you can't meet anyone NEW and exhaust your dating list, it should at least give you the option of tapping into your friends list. if i had known meeting new people and chatting instead of flirting would permanently put them in friend purgatory and that you would end up running out of new contacts to meet, i definitely would not have added so many people as friends.

    i also have the opposite problem where i took a friend on a date as a joke and now i can't actually treat them as a friend and invite them to jobs. it's just frustrating. whatever happened to giving friends a chance to become something more, glu???
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