Deleting Game?

Tephie88Tephie88 Registered Users 42 Posts
I am still having problems with my game where it crashes everytime I open it. This has been happening for the last 12 hours and I was in the middle of an event of course. Just before it started crashing my game reset my event points right when I was about to win the skirt. I put in a ticket with glu when my event points reset and still haven't heard anything. I'm thinking about deleting the game and reinstalling but will that save my progress? Is there something I need to do before I delete? Or is it too late because the game won't open?


  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    I have tried re-installing my game in the beginning when my game would crash after "Game save loaded". I got my game back.

    I am once again struck with the same issue but this time, I don't have enough courage to do that because I have gotten a lot of event items and even spent real money.

    If you decide to do it, just make sure that your game is connected and signed in to GC/Google. Glu says it's absolutely fine if you have your game connected.
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  • Tephie88Tephie88 Registered Users 42 Posts
    Thanks Nai! I just connected to GC but even since my game doesn't load past the saved data screen and crashes you think I'm ok? I don't want to lose all my items either :(
  • NaimonsterNaimonster Registered Users 5,127 Posts
    I'm not sure. I do know that the only way so far is to re-install.

    I'll be doing that myself, probably tomorrow.

    Good luck!
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  • Tephie88Tephie88 Registered Users 42 Posts
    Well I did it and lost everything I am so sad! I spent real money too. Don't think I am going to s
  • KyndallThaKingKyndallThaKing Registered Users 211 Posts
    i gave up playing it just to much money and its getting boring
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  • fwmelofwmelo Registered Users 32 Posts
    Are you connected to Facebook? Try to disconnect it then, it helped on my game.
    Good luck!
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