Lags immensely

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I saw there was a new update so I thought let me try once again even tho I've given up about 30x on this game but because I really like it (and the clothes are fab) but nope. Log in with my google play acc and it lags immensely, really slow with opening things, missions still appearing when I've already done them.

My review in the play store atm is "a lost cause" and I see a lot of people also say that.


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    The app takes up 2.7 GB for me. I think that's a major reason as to why. The only thing I don't understand is that it takes up that much space, it should have everything loaded, therefore not have the lag in the wardrobe, friends list, long loading screens etc... But no, my guess is that it loads everything you open (wardrobe, friends) every time you open the game, instead of only one time. Maybe it's due to the idea of "saving" the game every time you enter a loading screen (the same thing that made a lot of people have their event being restarted) I'm not a programmer or computer-whiz, but those are just my thoughts.
    The app is programmed really horribly though & it's been the same with all of Glu's celebrity Games recently. KPP took up >1 GB, BS:AD took up 1.2GB, but now takes up 927MB for some reason & ironically the game that has been out longer, with more content currently takes up 533MB.

    Dear Glu,
    Get your sh:ot together.
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    Damm 2.7GB?! I've never seen that but than it's weird because my phone should be able to handle it with ease. My internal storage is 64GB and I have an SD of 32GB and my RAM memory is 16GB.

    Currently the only game I'm playing is BS:AD as I lost about 5 times my progress with KKH and K&K doesn't work.
    It's really horribly programmed. It lags immensely and I just wish they indeed got their sh:-)t together.
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