Things to take precautions of when transferring data...

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If you're wondering about transferring games and re-installing to a new device make sure to take my precautions to prevent from any kind of issues. I just want to note first that these are just my suggestions from my own experience as a player and not verified by any mod. It's just always good to be safe than sorry. :)

Take precautions of...
  • Game is connected to a platform like Google Play, Game Center or Facebook account to ensure that the progress is saved. Make sure to check it often because you think that it's connected but sometimes I see mine logging out of it without me actually doing it. This statement from the support is crucial!

    "If you do decide to uninstall, and are sure you've connected the game with social media as described above, let the game run idle for about fifteen minutes to ensure that your save file is copied to the servers."

  • Take screenshots of everything! If there is one thing that I learned from playing this game is that it doesn't hurt to save information of your game just incase something occurs and you have it as proof. Every time I make purchases, finished events, and basically anything important!

  • There is no more data of the game in your old device that might interfere and cause issues with the process of transferring. examples;deleting the app, clearing any cache that is left, removing the app from the background, logging out of Game Center, and Google Play.

  • "Only associate one game in the account." I know sometimes you might have family member who also play the game but you share the same account for GameCenter and GooglePlay especially when it come to purchasing stuff for the game. I remember when I was playing on iOs and now on Android, GameCenter and Google Play is almost automatic with connecting to the game as soon as you first load the game if you're logged in within their own specific app. Going over these will hopefully prevent the game in your new device from flagging you for playing with "multiple devices".

  • Once you're in your new device and have logged in to retrieve your data make sure to read the "Save Game Found!" dialogue box carefully and tap "Use Saved Game in the bright purple box". If you accidentally click on "Use Current Game" instead.. I'm sorry to say that you have permanently removed the data that is saved in that platform and you will have to start in the beginning. I know it might be such a silly thing to do but it happens!
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