I have not only 1 but 2 game issues?

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I'm noticing that whenever I joined a crew, I'm usually getting kicked out and it's all due to a glitch. I can't search for any crews to join since it disappeared from my game. Also, the daily & krew boxes disappeared from my game. The event banner is gone too.:(

Another question is why is this game taking up most of my internal storage space? :confused: My device automatically moved K&K app to my micro SD Memory card when my device was running low on the internal memory. I had to delete this game temporarily and redownload it again when I needed to update my pre-installed apps that came with my device's system. My device can no longer hold onto K&K internally. What is annoying me the most is whenever I reboot or turn on my device, the K&K app/icon gets deleted/uninstall from my home screen page and on my settings too. And, then I have to reinstall the game again (but luckily, I'm able to find my old saved game from Google though right⁉). -_-

I'm not sure if glu doesn't support memory cards or what⁉:confused:
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