Losing All Game Progress

queenn.daniqueenn.dani Experienced MemberRegistered Users 347 Posts
I went to pull up the K&K app and it had me at the beginning screen so I clicked "Use Saved Data" I clicked on Facebook and it's pulling up old data. I've been playing on the same account since mid 2016 or later. I'm worried, I can't get it back. I have my game ID wrote down in my phone so I hope that helps. I'm honestly very worried.

EDIT: Now it's telling me I have no data saved on my Facebook or Game Center.

EDIT 2x: All game progress has been found
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  • VorpalVorpal Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    Were you able to get your saved game back? This is happening to me now but my saved data is no longer there .
  • itsvalcalderitsvalcalder Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    Where did you find your game progress?
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