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Courtneeyy_ToriCourtneeyy_Tori Registered Users 1 Posts
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I’ve recently got back into K&K, had a high (20+) level save and lost it so stopped playing. 
I’m back again now! Yay! 
(Now currently level 9, and growing daily) 
Looking for an Active Krew to join, playing daily so please love me. 

Thanks! ?


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    VonniePoooh21VonniePoooh21 Registered Users 55 Posts
    Same. I'm currently on level 10 and I'm very active as well. I'm looking for am active krew cause everytime I join a krew, either they're barely active or no one is active at all which sucks. So if anyone at all has an active krew out there please let me know so I can join and we can be friends!
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    ClumsyKayeClumsyKaye Registered Users 46 Posts
    You are both welcome in Pink Spirit  :)  I’ve recently taken over and we are looking for active members!!
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