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hello welcome if you are a active user and looking for an active Krew you are welcome to join my Krew I am a daily user and send kred daily I will be providing some rules not to hard to follow

rule 1:
please send kred daily I will write down the ones that are sending kred daily at every Sunday I will say who the top three users that send the most kred during the week users that are not active will be kick off at the end of the week for users that are active in the Krew so there is more room

rule 2: please join the parties and host parties

rule 3:
please let me know if you won’t be active for a couple days so you won’t be kick off the Krew after the end of the week ends

rule 4:
have a fun and friendly time keep communicating with the Krew I hope you all become friends don’t be shy 

rule 5: please don’t be rude and mean to each other 
and finally welcome to the Krew please say hi once you have join the Krew

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