08/24/2017 - K&K Weekend event

LindaVBLindaVB Senior MemberRegistered Users 6,647 Posts


Good morning forum friends
and fellow K&K addicts!

Time flies when you're having
fun, can you believe Thursday
aka K&K Spoiler Day has arrived??


I know, girls, I'm shook too!

So, now to get to our weekly question...
What will we get??? I'm dying to have a
[email protected] event, my doll has met
way too many cuties lately and is ready
to put on her fancy clothes and hit the
dating scene!!


What type of event would you like to get?


Well I think it is time to play the music
and open this thread!!

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  • ericasiaericasia New Member Registered Users 30 Posts
    I could really go for another Superstar event after that K gem sale but since we just had one I'm hooking for a dating event!
  • Kylie.BKylie.B New Member Registered Users 87 Posts
    Finally it's Thursday again!! But come on glu, give us a party event. I've been waiting like forever and could you guts maybe leave those annoying superstar events and bring back knew goals!?!?
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  • KalindaKingKalindaKing Glu Moderator Moderators 5,602 Posts
    Remember when Kylie was in the news for wearing this sweatshirt? Now you can dress up like her in your game!

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  • LindaVBLindaVB Senior Member Registered Users 6,647 Posts
    Oh wow, loving these items!!! Yes I know exactly what the inspiration outfit is!!


    Thank you Kalinda for posting the spoilers!!
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  • VatsVats Expert Member Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    Lovely opening Linda!

    Thanks for the spoilers Kalinda!

    I love this week's prizes! Can't wait to dress up them! And yay date event<3

    Have plenty of energy, sure I'll finish this in no time!
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
  • kingjhennykingjhenny New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    I love the dating event love the jeans
  • Stefan001Stefan001 Experienced Member Registered Users 453 Posts
    Awesome thread openings as usual Linda! I always look forward to them :)

    I've always wondered when they'd bring this outfit in the game :D I absolutely love it and it being a dating event is a BONUS!!!!!!

    Thanks for the spoilers Kalinda. Oh and happy dating y'all :)
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  • AngelaLaurenAngelaLauren Advanced Member Registered Users 714 Posts
    I think it looks better on Kylie. It's still cute tho. :)
  • kiko.parkkiko.park Experienced Member Registered Users 165 Posts
    I'm just so offended at this point..
  • Katie_ykKatie_yk New Member Registered Users 39 Posts
    I can't bring myself to like this outfit... it's just not cute. The boxes are more exciting than the outfit.
  • VatsVats Expert Member Registered Users 4,773 Posts

    I love date events and I love love my new goodies <3

    Once I start a date event, can't help but keep glued to the game until I finish the event. Total addiction! So different of the feeling I have in relation to 'Work it'. :rolleyes:

    Guys I know that some of you are having trouble with the game and I understand you coming here weekly to complain about that. What I don't get it is the negativity towards the game fashion.

    I would love to see you posting suggestions of your liking for future outfits, we know they are still working on this. Maybe this way we can help them improve the game a little bit and people will feel more pleased again.:)
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
  • astrayastray Senior Member Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    Actually Vats no we dunno if they're still working on this because they've not given one response when we ask them for some sign of their actually being an update to this game, but at least someone is being optimistic...I didn't even realise there was even an event until I saw it on Facebook when a friend posted their progress that's how much I've lost interest in this game now.

    I lurk and don't even bother to respond on here any more and my job is an excuse as well tbh.

    I'm not too fond of the jacket but trousers are nice, that is my opinion I'm not gonna change it, thanks for the spoilers Kalinda, have a great day everyone. I'll focus on kim's game good luck to everyone who's still playing this one tho.

    I'm gonna leave it all in glu's hand tbh
  • VatsVats Expert Member Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    You may have missed buddy, but Kalinda said that the game doesn't need to be updated to receive new weekend events. So unless they suddenly stop to offer new items for girls during the weekend events, we do know they are working on new earnables and people can make suggestions on that sector if they feel to.

    We may have different perspectives, but we share the same thought on leaving things in Glu's hands, but while most of the time I like their work, some people don't and would be nice to see them sharing their thoughts.

    I don't believe an update is coming anytime soon and I don't torture myself thinking on that TBH. It is what it is and I'm embracing it while it lasts.:p
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
  • astrayastray Senior Member Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    No i saw exactly what Kalinda wrote but they stated the same about another game of theirs and where exactly is that game now???


    They can work on new earnables hooray for them that is honestly giving me hope that they are gonna bring life back into it by adding new earnables (note the sarcasm) and that's not the point of what i wrote but if it requires having to babysit the game because they refuse to at least add new storylines when it comes to some events or the game in general then that's something I'm sure a lot of people as well as myself am not willing to do so my point of view still stands, no we dunno if they're going to actually update this game at all they can at any point in time stop adding events and (the "earnables" get disappointing by the minute besides they have made it very clear that how we feel does not matter so suggesting anything to them feels completely useless and pointless at this point as it feels like we are being completely ignored by them anyway) as they did with other games without as so much of a warning. I'm being realistic and i focus mostly on Kim's game because it is way more fun for me this game is honestly so boring even with the events they pop up it is still boring i used to be happy to see notifications for this game but now..it is like a chore, lol so i don't bother to even open it or complete events and it didn't used to be boring to me. I used to love this game but i lost interest the moment they stopped the storylines and the gigs got repetitive as I stated before to you i have a short attention span if something doesn't spark my interest any more i will abandon it altogether and find something that does.

    I mean i don't like a lot of the earnables i have seen in spoilers but I don't express that I don't for the fear someone may think i am being negative for expressing my opinion which is why I've learnt to stay mute on here and just lurk. There are a lot of things i want to say but don't, being judged for having an opinion is something I don't feel like being so i just keep my opinion and thoughts to myself.

    So I'm honestly gonna let GLU do whatever, it's a game and all games end. They're not the only game company and there are other games that are way more interesting and fun than this one so I'm just gonna not even worry about this game any more.

    Anyway like I said if anyone actually still puts any effort into this game cause this forum is so dead it is honestly sad at how dead this forum is tbh but yeah...good luck with the event.
  • astrayastray Senior Member Registered Users 1,538 Posts
    I think it looks better on Kylie. It's still cute tho. :)

    I agree with you Angela, i have noticed that a lot of the items look better on the person who originally wore it.

    I'm still not feeling that shirt tho...
  • VatsVats Expert Member Registered Users 4,773 Posts
    Ok, so you had that piece of info already although your interpretation is totally different from mine. Hmm don't think this is going anywhere, so I'll leave it here.

    I felt a strong sentiment of antagonism in your post, that’s not my intention and that's not me. I play for team and was just trying to bring a shine of hope and be informative.

    I respect your and everyone else opinion here, agreeing with them or not.
    Viva La Vida Á La Vats!
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