EllylovesEllyloves Registered Users 27 Posts
Hello!, I'm at max level, and max fans, therefore I have nothing left to do in the game but give my friends gifts! but I don't have very many so I'd love it if anyone wants to add me to Game center @ Ellyloves

You can specify here (with your username) if you'd like a specific item otherwise I'll send you random clothing I like :)

Unfortunately I can't gift hair (bummer!!).


(accepting everyone even if you just want more friends!)


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    KimKarFanKimKarFan Registered Users 25 Posts
    Oh wow you are the best! What is your name on the game? My name on the game is Re and my gc name is Kimkarfan. And random is awesome! Thank you thank you! It is people like you who make the game fun :)
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    magicalabzmagicalabz Registered Users 10 Posts
    am the #1 top player in KKM WHO WANTS GIFTS ADD ME GC : XGAMER462
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    ShannonShannon Registered Users 40 Posts
    OMG! That would be so bomb! Thank you so much for your generousity guys. I want anything that has the Kim Kardashian stars... I keep losing mines while dating Steven Murphy. So I would really appreciate the accessories that and shirts and pants that aren't accessible for me. Thanks again! My Game Center ID: homiesexual
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    InsomniaInsomnia Registered Users 89 Posts
    My name is "Grace" in game and I added you :) I'd like any clothing, shoes, or accessories. :D
    Game Center: GHan94

    Feel free to add me! :)

    I play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and Stardom: Hollywood. My name in the game is "Grace"
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    Rebecca-xxxRebecca-xxx Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi sorry to intrude!, how do I find my id for the game?, for sending to people to invite me etc?, I'm on a samsung s4 x

    Think I've figured it out :$. My google play id is my email address so; rlbergin@gmail.com . Charater name ; Rebecca Bergin . When i go on to settings and help in the game i have this hollywood id ; 352836065095334
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    KimsessedKimsessed Registered Users 11 Posts
    We're already friends I think, not very many people spell Elly the way we do- it's not very often I come across another Elly so I remember :P but anyway if at all possible, could you send me the skull tattoo sleeve? I've been saving up for it since I started but I'm only on 20 stars since I keep accidentally spending them :)
    GC: jackscreativity
    KKH game name: Elly
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    lyndsey791lyndsey791 Registered Users 11 Posts
    Hi:) My username is (lyndsey791) and I like
    the white dress with the black lace (2000cash)
    blue sweetheart neckline long dress with the slit (45stars)
    tight pink dress with the light pink on the bra part and a peplum hot pink skirt part (35stars)
    and the dress that you unlock at level 13 (that gives you heart points) with the gold top and turtleneck and the black lower portion. For the bottoms i like the short black skirt for 75stars.
    For the shoes, I like the black heels with bows on them or the dark brown boots.
    For accessories, I like the large brown bag for 75stars that is one of the kardashian favorite ones.
    Out of all of these, any of them would be greatly appreciated, xoxo :)
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    HannahWood921HannahWood921 Registered Users 3 Posts
    wow your so sweet! so awesome of you to do this .. my username for game center is HannahWood921
    I would LOOOOVE clothing..preferably stuff that costs stars..but ill take anything obviously. again, your awesome for doing this!
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    jinxy1228jinxy1228 Registered Users 1 Posts
    OMG ! you are so the best my gc name is Shaniaaaa , i would take anything please & thank you . i really would love the fur collar thing also in any color . thanks so much !
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    SherandjohnSherandjohn Registered Users 4 Posts
    That's super nice :D I added you, I'm TARDISkeeper on gamecenter. I'll take pretty much anything!
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    JheLindseyJheLindsey Registered Users 1 Posts
    My name is Jheremy_96, can you send me the black sneakers and pretty much all shoes, feel free to send anything else though ;)
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    Marissagirl123Marissagirl123 Registered Users 3 Posts
    You should add me! My name is marissagirl123.
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    TrishaTrisha Registered Users 5 Posts
    I currently have no friends! Trisha is my username please add me!
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    mrsarigoldmrsarigold Registered Users 2 Posts
    I'd also like to add people to gift to because I'm maxed out with fans and don't have much left to do! I've gone through and added everyone, but if you want to add me my gamecenter username is mrsarigold
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    FerreiroyFerreiroy Registered Users 28 Posts
    mrsarigold wrote: »
    I'd also like to add people to gift to because I'm maxed out with fans and don't have much left to do! I've gone through and added everyone, but if you want to add me my gamecenter username is mrsarigold

    Hi, my GameCenter is Ferreiroy
    My in-game name is Kelly ☺

    I love anything and everything xo

    Thanks again !!
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    Deeder39Deeder39 Registered Users 1 Posts
    GC is deeder39

    I'll take anything! Much appreciated!
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    slipnslide420slipnslide420 Registered Users 5 Posts
    IGN: Brittany
    GC: slipnslide420
    Brown boots (75 stars)
    Black stud heels (40 stars)
    Red heels (40 stars)
    Any jewelry. any tattoos.
    Mini skirt (black- 75 stars)
    Shorts (35 stars)
    Floral pants (purple- 20 stars)
    ANY of these items would be so greatly appreciated! You're so awesome for this:D Only D list and struggling to level/rank up and rack up money, haven't been playing very long so trying to get the hang of things.
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    FerreiroyFerreiroy Registered Users 28 Posts
    Thank you so much for the surprise gifts! XO
    So generous!

    Can anyone help with the KK black shoes and a ruffle shirt or two, pretty please? :)
    GC: Ferreiroy

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    MKaye2d45MKaye2d45 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi! I'm Maranda! My Game Center name is MKaye2d45.

    I would really love to have;
    - The black dress with the gold belt (120 stars)
    - The two in one pant shirt outfit that's tan (50 stars)
    - The white/light blue galaxy looking bracelet that's square with circles around it (30 stars I think)
    - the cheetah shoes (60 stars)
    - the pink and the black furry neck scarves (not sure stars)
    - the black sun shades that are pointy on both outsides (not sure stars)

    Getting any of these items would be such a pleasure!
    I would really appreciate it!
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    ChickymegChickymeg Registered Users 6 Posts
    Omg you are amazing!! if you could please gift me anything that you think is cute and could really help me out and give me points... just started this game a few days ago and really need some help... i have an android so my game center is chickymeg@gmail.com OR add me through facebook https://www.facebook.com/aubrey.berry.96

    I really want that that tubetop dress that is light pink on top and dark pink on the bottom or the one dress white with the brown belt and the pink skirt.. my favorite color is PINK so anything pink or cute or even a pair of shoes!!! i really love all the shoes in the second to last row its like a black peep toe and red peep toe and then the booties next to them that are red inside...
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    impishereimpishere Registered Users 5 Posts
    hey!! its really generous of you to do this :)) my GC name is ImpIsHere and i would be happy to receive the black dress (2nd row of top/dress section) that costs 60 stars!! i wouldnt mind anything else though!! everything is good for me :)) thank you so much youre a really nice person!!
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    DajadajDajadaj Registered Users 15 Posts
    Please add me and send gifts dajadaj on game center. Anything would be greatly appreciated. I love this game
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    Policemans_princessPolicemans_princess Registered Users 2 Posts
    Hi! I just started playing this game today. I would really appreciate it if you would add. My face GC email is policemans_princess@hotmail.com & my name on the game is Veronica. Thanks so much :)
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    Ki_LoKi_Lo Registered Users 9 Posts
    Thanks so much! My ign is Nina. My gc is KiLo2398. I'm short on jewelries and accessories. I would love a purse that you would recommend. Thanks!
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    JupisanJupisan Registered Users 5 Posts
    My GC: jupisangabi

    Glasses accessories are much loved.

    Thanks for your generosity.
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    DajadajDajadaj Registered Users 15 Posts
    Thank you so much!!! I love my new outfits. Please send more whenever you can
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    DajadajDajadaj Registered Users 15 Posts
    QUOTE=mrsarigold;200129]I'd also like to add people to gift to because I'm maxed out with fans and don't have much left to do! I've gone through and added everyone, but if you want to add me my gamecenter username is mrsarigold[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for everything! I love mu outfits. Send me more when u can
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    carliscenecarliscene Registered Users 1 Posts
    Gift me please
    Anything is appreciated!
    GC: carliscene
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    DajadajDajadaj Registered Users 15 Posts
    Can someone send me a swimsuit and anything else would be appreciated dajadaj on gamecenter
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    TishaBaileyTishaBailey Registered Users 16 Posts
    I really want the distressed jeans (30 stars) and the white bathing suit (35 stars).

    GC: Tisha Bailey
    In the game: Leticia

    If you get a chance to friend me and send me anything, thanks! :)
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