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    ervinmagicjohnsonervinmagicjohnson Registered Users 1 Posts
    I'm totally down for random stuff! gc name is ervinmagicjohnson! Definitely add me!
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    eaprokeseaprokes Registered Users 11 Posts
    eaprokes on game center. Thanks!
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    {--Lily326--}{--Lily326--} Registered Users 4 Posts
    Distressed jeans or jean shorts pleeeeeeeeease! Or anything needed to buy with stars - I don't own any star items. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!! Xoxo Game Center name is {--Lily326--}
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    carls_saltinescarls_saltines Registered Users 1 Posts
    you are so nice omg. my name on the game is carlangas and my gc name is dcrisslover. i would really appreciate the skull arm sleeve tattoo, im not sure if you can gift that but if not im fine with anything. YOU ARE SO KIND!!!! you are the real mvp
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    GiselleGiselle Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi my gc is is Mancub, would love anything thanks
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    JillianJillian Registered Users 3 Posts
    So sweet! I'm jillmarielmt on Game Center. I've been wanting the black eye glasses, but anything would be amazing! Please and thank you!
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    Kim kardashian_westKim kardashian_west Registered Users 6 Posts
    Hey my name is Kate and my gamecenter is cookiemonster:)omnom remember the smiley face! This is really nice of you so It doesn't really matter what you gift me, thx so much!
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    Daniella_Daniella_ Registered Users 9 Posts
    Hiiiii anyone feel free to add me 💜 gc- xDaniella_
    Low cut v neck cheetah dress with the slit worth 60 coins would be amazing 😭 or any gold accessories! Thank you so much and if you'd like anything in return I only have cash but I'm willing to get whatever it is you want!
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    KIMJOYCEKIMJOYCE Registered Users 4 Posts
    GC name is: Kim Eda

    I would really like:
    - tan jumpsuit (50 k star points - beside what I'm wearing - 6 row, column 2)
    - red/black heels (60 k stars, last row)
    - black glasses (40 k star, 6 row)
    - glasses (30 k star, 3rd row from bottom, between bags)
    - tan dress (20 k star, 4th row from bottom, beside striped shirts)
    - pink button shirt w/ white under (30 k star, beside red bikini and pink dress)
    - cheetah print dress (30 k star, 7th row from bottom, beside sparkle dress)

    Thank you
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    Divaem160Divaem160 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi my tv name is diva ema 160,
    I would love to have more dress and skirts
    I would also love to have shoes and accessories, my favourite on would be the ring
    Thank you so much
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    kwakawalkerkwakawalker Registered Users 3 Posts
    How do I add people? I am confused
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    Surra420Surra420 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Sarah H.
    Game Center Name: surra420

    Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

    I would really love to recieve:


    Floor Length Black Gown
    Row: 7 Middle
    K Koins: 120

    Plaid Button Up
    Row: 18 Right
    K Koins: 30

    White and Red Dress
    Row: 28 Middle
    K Koins: 75

    White, Teal and Blue Dress
    Row: 28 Right
    K Koins: 50

    Pink Two Tone Dress
    Row: 31 Left
    K Koins: 35

    White Dress with Demin Jacket
    Row: 31 Middle
    K Koins: 120


    Jean Shorts
    Row: 6 Middle
    K Koins: 35


    Brown Knee Highs
    Row: 6 Middle
    K Koins: 75


    Skull Sleeve
    Row: 4 Right
    K Koins: 40

    Hipster Glasses
    Row: 6 Middle
    K Koins: 50

    Slate Necklace
    Row: 9 Middle
    K Koins: 25

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    PurpleReignsPurpleReigns Registered Users 2 Posts
    Heyy I'm wavysquaddd on Game Center and here's some things that I've been wanting for a while. What ever you feel like giving would be absolutely great.

    There's a white dress with a jean jacket and a brown belt, it costs 120 stars.
    There's another white dress with like tree branches all over it and a big blue bow, it costs 35 stars.
    There's these really short shorts for 35 stars
    Flowery pants for 20 stars
    Animal print pants for $8000
    Those black boots (75 stars) and the black shoes with the spikes for 40 stars.
    The glasses for 50 stars, the nose ring for 25, diamond studs for 75, and galaxy leggings for 50 stars.

    Anything you give me I be very fortunate for. Please and thank you.
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    wensiewensie Registered Users 62 Posts
    Hi... I've just added you..
    I'm happy with any clothes, shoes or accessories...
    Thank you
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    DajadajDajadaj Registered Users 15 Posts
    Please send gifts and add in gc dajadaj
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    sammmmmmy31sammmmmmy31 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Wow you are so nice xx my gc is @destiel-is-life and I would love the short shorts, the blue and white dress with the tree branches, the nose ring, or the blue and white striped bag please <33
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    tonysndharrytonysndharry Registered Users 10 Posts

    Anything is great!
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    XMentallyHilariousXXMentallyHilariousX Registered Users 4 Posts
    My Game Center is KenzyBee and my game name is Everly Bradshaw. I would love if you could send me some gowns and shoes! It sucks that you can't gift hair! I wish you could because I'm in love with the long hair styles with the headbands! Anyhoo! If you could help me out with some new gowns and shoes and maybe some accessories I would be so grateful!
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    Mason_HamptonMason_Hampton Registered Users 4 Posts
    Names Mason_Hampton on Game Center, if you could add me I would appreciate it
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    Shoegal212Shoegal212 Registered Users 28 Posts
    Wow i Am shoegal212 i would Any kinder of gift especially the brown birkin bag, long dresses or the tan jumpsuit :) Thanks !!
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    anamariaanamaria Registered Users 27 Posts
    My wish is simple: anything from the heart will be deeply appreciated. Im especially in love with dresses and accessories!
    My game center name is anamaria998

    Thank you so much. Have a great day!
    Game center: anamaria998
    Add me!
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    loving20loving20 Registered Users 21 Posts
    My name is Bessie and my GC is BessieC.
    Anything will be nice, thank you in advance!
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    Sleepyy__Sleepyy__ Registered Users 43 Posts
    Gift me pleaseeeee
    (2 underscores)

    Thaaank you!!!!!
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    divalldaydivallday Registered Users 2 Posts
    I don't have game center because im on a android device I do have google Id divallday@gmail.com I would love pretty much anything that needs stars to buy in the dress and hair collection thank you
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    MonzongirlzMonzongirlz Registered Users 1 Posts
    Hi I need gifts please add me at game center Monzongirlz
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    Kecia23Kecia23 Registered Users 15 Posts
    Any gifts would be wonderful! I love dresses. MomK 23 on Game Center .
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    XMentallyHilariousXXMentallyHilariousX Registered Users 4 Posts
    Hi! My GC is KenzyBee and my name is Everly Bradshaw I was wondering if you could send me more dresses like gowns and the floral pink dress beside the black jacketed dress and some of the sparkly dress around those too! I was also wondering if you send me some new bottoms like the short shorts, the black skirt, and some more skirts or patterned pants. :) I was also wondering if you could send me some boots like the brown ones and some more cute heels! Any accessories would be appreciated too! Thank you so much!
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    Gina_marie3112Gina_marie3112 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 6 Posts
    Hello my name is gina_marie3112 and I would love anything you send me. Thank you!! Super sweet of everyone doing this
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    Maggie4145Maggie4145 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Hi my Game Center name is Maggie4145!
    I would really like it if you could give me the white and green dress. It's 50 Kstars and is to the right of Willow Pape's dress! So nice of you!!
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    destroyer1000destroyer1000 Registered Users 1 Posts
    Add me! I'm turtlesx :) gift for gift
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