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    I'm not sure if they talked in the Kendall bday party in my game either. Here is a snap of the party.


    We all thought hands on our hips was the best pose.
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    Yes they said things like "Thank you so much for coming" you say "Happy Birthday" no cake. no balloons. but..........no major bugs with the update either. Yeah a couple, mostly android and IHateGoogle™ is totally to blame for that. My personal opinion, is the scaled down decorations and things might have been due to Glu working around the GWord. Why do I say this? Because GWordle also threw my devices into a tizzy, where I'm 'paying' a percent for a minute of play. Where I used to charge once a day, Run out of energy? I can't scrounge, I have to power down to battery up. So, if I haven't been my charming self, that's what has been going on. Any ideas what it could be would be soooooo appreciated. Both my ATT Samsung Galaxy S4, and my Wifi Galaxy S Tab, My ipad is holding firm at one charge and I play all day.
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    I haven't noticed any crabbing, but the Google drainage sounds like a pill. Especially if on mobile and paying per minute or something.

    I couldn't remember if anyone talked at the Bday party or not...I think I started that one just before bed, I don't even remember now. Trying to get gigs out of the way before the new event starts. They even wore clothes they wore before. Poor Kendall.
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