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Hello everyone, it has been a while since I been on here. Recently I deleted my game because I wanted to focus on my school work. When I redownload it my game progress was gone. I was so upset and heartbroken. I have gotten so many clothes items and everything from events and hard work. I feel really heartbroken to the point i know how Vats felt when he lost everything. I start playing again trying to not get discouraged. Some encouring words or anything will help thank you. 
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    @Keia I'm so sorry! Losing all your progress is hard, but perhaps think about it like a fresh start? You have a chance to reinvent your doll and her story now. I hope you were able to focus on school work-- this game can be totally distracting!

    Coming back to the forum was a good idea-- this game is so much more fun when it is social! Have you played at all this weekend? I bet getting to that stuffed bear would comfort your doll!
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    I am playing the weekend event! I did get the bear! Which I love!! I'm working on the dress now and hopefully get the hair. Hopefully I can save 600 stars for the next VIP event! My goals is to focus on finish up more 20+ task, marriage isnt really on the list😅
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