🍾🎇KK:H Weekend Event - 12/28/18 Farewell 2018 Welcome to the New Year!



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    Happy new year dolls💖💖💖
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    Got it,  It's a Southern tradition.  So it's still early here, I bet when the east coast wakes up, others will know all about this.  According to the web
    "The black-eyed peas represent coins, the significance is tied to Union soldiers who left the peas unharmed during the Civil War, believing they were only suitable for animals. Instead, the peas provided food for Southern soldiers.  The greens represent paper money and the pork represents good fortune for the new year because of the historical association between pigs and prosperity, "    So if you haven't tried it before,  and can get the things try it.  We've been doing it for years now and like Corned Beef and Cabbage on St Patricks, this has become a New Year tradition. 

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    I am soo happy right now! Best ending of 2018, we're getting one of these puppies💖😍
    Awww that is the best news in the world.  Are you getting a boy or girl puppy?  I’m very Puppy infatuated right now.  Ok always puppy infatuated.  When, and any names picked out?  I’m so excited for you.  Congratulations.
    🐶 Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy 🐶 Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy 🐶 Puppy Puppy Puppy Puppy 🐶 
    Thank you💖 It's a girl and we can take her home around February 22nd. We are still deciding for a name. My son and I like the name Khloe. My daughter has seen a couple of Cardi B videos, now she wants to name the puppy Cardi and my husband likes the name too. So maybe it will be one of these names or maybe it will be another one that everyone likes..
    Omg you should call her cardi p for puppy!!!
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    OH, I love that. That has such a cute ring to it.  ;) 
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    I have never had black eyed peas. The only person I know who made them was my aunt, and I decided when I was younger that they looked like little eyeballs so I never ate them. Ummm but now you have me craving corned beef and cabbage. Or a reuben. 

    My puppy's name is Chloe! 
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    I‘m happy with the weekend event! I won the lips and dress (won’t mention the kash I also won...) and then I also got the winter jacket with the coffee cup in a holiday gift box. I like the earnable outfit this weekend too but I don’t feel it’s very sparkly for NYE...it’s a lovely colour but a bit plain for a New Year event I thought...
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    Happy new year to all my amazing forum friends you are all so amazing and I hope 2019 is going to be a fantastic year for you all! 🎉🥳
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    Happy 2019 to all my fellow KKH Lovers! <3 This will be the best one yet.

    I'm so bummed we didn't get the Times Square tho. I would love an updated version. It's a KKH tradition! And the random Miami/Vegas/OAK storyline just doesn't cut it.

    I would really appreciate hearing from glu through @KalindaKing or @eggsandbananas as to what's been happening to the storylines and what we should expect from now on. My sundays videos always features them and they were such a big part of the game, so I'd just like to know what's the deal.
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    Ohemilie said:
    Not gonna lie, a tiny part of me was hoping to open the game and get a call from Kim or someone  wishing me happy new year and gifting some stars or something. This whole festive season has seemed so lacklustre and whilst I appreciate the effort that goes into the game from developers I think I’d be grateful for fewer kollections and collaborations and a bit more love towards players via better storylines, earnables and thank you gifts! If they can design new kollections every week, surely they can put some energy into creating great earnables and stories 
    This. I agree. I just think we need to hear from the team and give a feedback. Are they aware? Are they focusing more on items and less on gameplay? We only got new rooms in Bel-Air. Which ok... LOVE! But I'd love a new tropical destination! I love the FABULOUS and AMAZINGLY designed items. But I'd love also GOOD paying businesses and more story line fun. 

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    I love these boots. I don't think that I'll make it to the last earnable which is the outfit. Party events are my least favorite anyways 💁🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

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    Happy new year dolls 💕
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    Happy new year everyone! 
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