🎈🎁🍾KK:H Weekend Event -10/18/19 - Happy Birthday Kim - Let's Party!!!



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    @cntarr I’m sorry too 😊 English is not my first language, I still struggle with connotations the actual words carry at times! I really really hope that the feedback will be taken into account and we get what we ask for! Thank you for being so fierce in fighting for our cause 💜
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    Please don't post screenshots of forum posts, such as when they get a lot of reactions. I read all the posts and I know which posts the community agrees with.
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    I wish the cake were an earnable instead of a gift box item. Not sure if I want to waste stars chasing! The good news is, I will have a weekend to myself. 

    Are there any star rewards for throwing a party? 
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    I wasn't trying to argue with you guys. Sorry if it seemed that way. You can always tell us when you're disappointed or underwhelmed by the items. I was just saying that the designers included these items based on what Kim wore. I've shared your feedback with the team and we are keeping the items the same for this event.
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    Well on a small positive note i like the changed in game decorations 😊 
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    Did honestly expect something a little sparklier for Kim’s bday but I love the earnable dress. I love the gb stuff but idk what (if anything) I’m gonna get so 🤷🏻‍♀️. The kollection is definitely the highlight for me, the bundle is just 😍 and a cat woman costume! I was just trying to make my doll into a cat burglar, lol, this is by far better.

    *at least the earnable is based on a look Kim wore, it is her bday we’re partying for!
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    I’ll be so devastated if all of Kim’s bday items show up in those boxes tomorrow lol I might actually cry bc then I’ll never get that cupcake/hair
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    Ok. I like the earnables, specially the hair looks nice. I wish the earnable dress was tighter at the thigh area otherwise it looks funny quite like a diaper if that makes sense. I don’t see myself reaching out for earnable shoes/ sandals often but they look cute.
    Not gonna lie I don’t care about the GB items and I don’t know why we’ve been getting a lot of braided high ponies lately? Ok, ok this particular hair reminds me of Beyoncé formation tour hair and I can see some people get excited about it but it’s not wipable (is that even a word?) like the reference but yeah whatever. Seeing a new lip color always exciting but I have to see how it looks on my doll.
    WOW, Kollection! I’m a huge Catwoman fan and I can see myself gambling for all Catwoman inspired outfits but honestly I don’t want to spend too much before Black Friday :(. Boots with fishnets are a must have for me and it also completes Kendall’s buttercup halloween look, just a heads up on that! 
    So yeah, I’m so excited 💕
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    Do you guys recommend 8- or 3-hour parties tomorrow? It’s been so long that I can’t remember
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    Rikk said:
    Do you guys recommend 8- or 3-hour parties tomorrow? It’s been so long that I can’t remember
    3 hour parties for sure!
    At the Bel Air house cuz u can invite 9 people to it!
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    Okay I’m late to this party so I know you’ve all already heard it 100 times but I’m..... underwhelmed 

    All of the items are fine, I even really like the cake, lip color, and earnable hair. But aside from the cake nothing is exciting enough to be kim’s birthday event, they’ve always been such great & coveted items in past years! 😢 that said the earnables are super cute basics (aside from the shoes, I’m sorry I just can’t get behind this high heeled flip flop thing lmao) and I’ll use them a lot, and I’ll chase the lip color and hair. I really wish the giftbox dress matched the original more! 

    i see we’re bringing back an old SMC.......... feel free to pop in some additional Kim SMCs (ahem- gold met gala dress and ponytail) to celebrate her birthday, that would be the real treat!!! 

    also ps: i mostly skimmed this bc it was 7 pages already by the time I showed up but if any of you are being rude to kalinda about you not liking the items I’ll personally throw hands 😩
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    Thank you @LovelyEmma! Good luck in your box tomorrow 😊 

    I love when you share your art @SisSnappedLikeThanos
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    @SisSnappedLikeThanos wow your designs are literally 100000000 x better, absolutely love 😍😍😍 honestly I’m glad the items don’t look like that or I’d lose ALL my kstars chasing them 💖
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