Anyone know what clothes give you the most star/heart power points?

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Hi guys, 
I've seen the thread on here that gives the approximate amount of stars/hearts you might get when you buy a certain item of clothing, but it doesn't seem that accurate. I've noticed that the clothing items in the kloset that have more than one color option give you a lot of stars/hearts compared to other clothing. However, I've bought nearly all of those items, but my star power keeps going up the further I get into the game, so I have to fork over a lot of kash to get my bonus star. 

Does anyone know what clothing items, accessories, etc. give you a lot of stars/hearts? It's annoying buying an item that's $10k and I only end up getting like 3 stars from it lol 
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    The cash items that have multiple identical items in different colors like basic tees, pants, sweaters, heels etc in white, red, blue and so on tend to give way more stars and hearts than other items! So while a unique item might give two stars, one of those cheap identical basic items in multiple colors might give you 10-20. Give it a try! :)
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    I’ve noticed that kash furniture is actually the best way to get those points! It’s way cheaper (in houses that are NOT bel air) and you get a good amount 
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