KK:H Weekday TB Event 5/18/20 Waiting for the Update and Tapping Along the Way



  • haikawahaikawa Registered Users, Member 730 Posts

    got these cute af earrings! i wish itd been multiple piercings instead of one long dangly set but honestly no complaints from me 🥰
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  • ViennaKKHViennaKKH Registered Users, Member 1,388 Posts
    Last box... 😭

  • carolinakkhcarolinakkh Registered Users, Member 195 Posts
    @samanthakkh I'm never looking at that dress the same way now that I saw your post 😳😂
  • samantha143samantha143 Registered Users, Member 532 Posts

    Shoes again yay 😒 
    They make up more than half the palette which is kinda annoying. Hopefully next week will be a better pick! 
    It’s a beautiful day to save lives 💞
  • samanthakkhsamanthakkh Registered Users, Member 1,013 Posts
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    @carolinakkh im sorry! haha the nye dress is the same way imo 🙁
  • dpetersdpeters Registered Users, Member 2,401 Posts

    I almost picked the box with the dress in the bottom row...

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  • UnwinterUnwinter Registered Users, Member 584 Posts
    omg how did they know I've always wanted the bag that comes in the everyday gift boxes but in black and a pallette that has nothing good? 🙄
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  • ronnievronniev Registered Users, Member 292 Posts
    Help please!! Is there any benefit to getting Jean to remove Crystal from the movie?? I just don’t know if I should use my precious k stars on this... thanks!! 
  • eligureligur Registered Users, Member 906 Posts
    @ronniev iirc you should leave her in, its for the better!
  • ᔕEᖇᗩᔕTEᒪᔕEᖇᗩᔕTEᒪ Registered Users, Member 148 Posts
    Unfortunately, didn't get any kstars 😭
    1st box : 3 pink dyes 
    2nd box : sunglasses 
    3rd box : choker 
    Last box : 3 yellow dyes 
  • Lia888Lia888 Registered Users, Member 722 Posts
    edited May 2020
    Black boxes: cash and energy 
    Gold box: pink dye
    TB box: boots, don’t think it’s something I’ll wear often

    Here are the boots styled with a steam punk-ish outfit for a future space sys if we ever have one 

  • liltiffsliltiffs Registered Users, Member 120 Posts
    I told my brother to choose and:I don't think I have ever seen a bundle in the TB boxes? Have I just been missing it? OMG this made me more excited. I hope I see more of these!
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  • daphnekkhdaphnekkh Registered Users, Member 158 Posts
    @Rikk thank you :D you’re so right lol the main reason I didn’t look that often is because a part of me would feel like I’d have nothing to work towards after I passed that milestone which would be a little sad but I’m still proud of it!!!  :)
  • daphnekkhdaphnekkh Registered Users, Member 158 Posts
    Gold box: 

    can’t wait to get that gold necklace that keeps avoiding me lol 
  • carolinakkhcarolinakkh Registered Users, Member 195 Posts
    edited May 2020
    @samanthakkh oh my God... 😳 I bet I'm gonna see a lot of it this weekend 😂
  • SahanaSahana Registered Users, Member 382 Posts
    Cannot believe the rotten luck I’ve had this week 😩 at least they’re high waisted I guess? The pink coat/dress looks cute, does anyone have that to see how it looks on?
    @RocketQueen Here it is! :smile:

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  • D98D98 Registered Users, Member 433 Posts

    I was really disappointed in my third box, I only has dyes, cash, a pair of glasses and some pants🙄🙄 
    That ugly😱🤢🤮
  • ElleOhElleElleOhElle Registered Users, Member 434 Posts
    My gold box 

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  • promquin98promquin98 Registered Users, Member 297 Posts
    Gold Box

  • sharonbp95sharonbp95 Registered Users, Member 248 Posts
    Ok I officially hate myself... I didn’t like the pants at first but then I realized they look cute with a top I have. But still, look at those boots in the third box!!!!😫 and also, why all of you have been getting kstars and none of my palettes have kstars. Oh, and I got purple dye in my daily box, one more and I’m goint to vomit. Wish me luck for my last box!🤞🏼

    I give up... this was my TB box

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  • RocketQueenRocketQueen Registered Users, Member 110 Posts
    @Sahana thanks so much! It's super cute, hope I come across it again!
  • thesweetonethesweetone Registered Users, Member 2,631 Posts
    edited May 2020
    Could've had the necklace but I'm playing 😭🤣
    Not surprising tho
  • SahanaSahana Registered Users, Member 382 Posts
    @Sahana thanks so much! It's super cute, hope I come across it again!
    @RocketQueen No problem hun! I actually got it from a TB box, so I hope you do too soon!
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  • helcabuhelcabu Registered Users, Member 456 Posts

    Ahh..shoes 🙈
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  • ArianaKKHArianaKKH Registered Users, Member 449 Posts
    I got pretty lucky with the first two boxes

    but the tb box could’ve been better
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