🗳️🎇SYS : July 2nd -July 5th It's a Summer BBQ!🌭🍔

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Can you believe our luck?  Here we are knocked out and exhausted after this wonderful 6 year Kimiversary, and what better time for a Summer BBQ?  And not just any BBQ...it's the 4th of July this Weekend. We can kick back by the pool, Find the Drink table before the food's ready and just have fun.

Oh, of course!  Happy Canada Day!

Well, I think there's only one thing left to do.
Let's get this thread open so we can get some spoilers!
Oh - first things first.

Let's Review the details:
Summer BBQ SYS starts
Thursday, July 2nd @ 3pm Eastern
Ends Sunday, July 5th @ 9pm Eastern.
575 Points win the all the SYS Earners!

Anything you'd like to add Kim?
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  • katiebobatiekatiebobatie Registered Users, Member 57 Posts
    I’m going camping this weekend so maybe I’ll get some outfit inspo from this SYS!!  :D
  • kittykatxkittykatx Registered Users, Member 221 Posts
    Omg I’m so excited to get creative for this sys! I haven’t been this excited in a while! 🍔🌭

  • RoxxxieRoxxxie Registered Users, Member 403 Posts
    Happy Canada Day! Where I live, this weekend has been filled with non stop fireworks. I hope everyone has a safe day today.
    But with that being said, I need spoilers! Please? 

    La pitre résistance!! 🤡
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  • StevieCurryStevieCurry Registered Users, Member 759 Posts
    will be needing some inspo 💞💞 hope we’ll get good scores and be in the top 5 🙏🏻
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  • kokokokonutkokokokonut Moderators 29,038 Posts
    Summer BBQs often involve backyard pools, some are Hamptons Elegant, others cut offs and sandals.   I look forward to Kalinda’s call with Event Tips.   <3
    If you are having trouble DO NOT UNINSTALL THE GAME!
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  • Nikki114Nikki114 Registered Users, Member 266 Posts
    edited July 2020
    Cannot wait!
  • Sophia_KKHSophia_KKH Registered Users, Member 179 Posts
    I like the theme! I’m glad I bought a lot of summer clothes in the sale🙌🏻
    Is it too early to ask for SPOILERS? 🧡
  • rebecca0105rebecca0105 Registered Users, Member 210 Posts
    So it's a casual SYS... I swear, if I see one formal dress in the vb and casual looks getting robbed 😤
  • kaydencekkhkaydencekkh Registered Users, Member 1,703 Posts
    Can’t wait to be able to use the chicken leg hand held!!! I’m surprised it’s not a Fourth of July themed bbq tho, I’m Canadian but I still don’t mind celebrating an American holiday in game, that being said I’m going to submit a Canada day bbq look! Lots of red and white 
    iOS player!
    add me on Facebook: kaydencekhh 
  • eligureligur Registered Users, Member 906 Posts
    so excited for this sys! it sounds so fun and maybe ill manage to keep my position in top5 again lmao
  • AguadeCocoAguadeCoco Registered Users, Member 962 Posts
    Im happy with this theme! But I fear voters will be all over the place, and I won't know what to submit...
    Also it will Elias first SYS, I tried to buy both casual and formal clothes during the sale, I'm hoping I will have what I need!

    And I'm dying to see the prizes!! Spoilers please!
    Android player - AguadeCoco Kkh on Facebook
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  • sarahleesarahlee Registered Users, Member 454 Posts
    I love ts prizes!! 😩😩
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            🍇 English isn’t my first language 🍇
  • Maree_kkhMaree_kkh Registered Users, Member 723 Posts
    Thanks for the early spoilers Koko!!
  • PixiDustPixiDust Registered Users, Member 735 Posts
    love the ts items and i’m not too keen on the earnables so i might start late because i feel like a lot of ticket buyers will emerge 🥴
    iOS player 💞✨🧚🏻‍♀️
    on a spending strike until everyone gets 20 videos ! 🍄🍃
  • korobeinikiikorobeinikii Registered Users, Member 48 Posts
    Thanks for the early spoilers! I really like both the earnable and TS prizes! 🧡
  • HannahKKHHannahKKH Registered Users, Member 946 Posts
    All the handhelds I spent most of my kstars on this past weekend should come in handy this week!

    And omg I love all the prizes!! I neeeed that handheld (we’re vegetarian up in here but I still need it)
    Hannah 🇬🇧
    Violet is my doll. iOS player ✨
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  • Maree_kkhMaree_kkh Registered Users, Member 723 Posts
    I like the earnables more than TS, so hopefully i can have a super chill SYS :)
  • AguadeCocoAguadeCoco Registered Users, Member 962 Posts
    OMG all the prizes are so cute! Both dresses are adorable, and the burger handheld 😍
    Android player - AguadeCoco Kkh on Facebook
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  • Nath_2019Nath_2019 Registered Users, Member 543 Posts
    omgg the burger and the fries are so cutee♥ TS prizes are my favorites!
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  • buriteriburiteri Registered Users, Member 485 Posts
    edited July 2020
    Omg the page just refreshed with the spoilers and everything looks so cute!!! I’m okay without the TS dress but I definitely NEED that burger and fries handheld!!! It’s gotta be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in game! And the earnables are nice, not my cup of tea. But it’s that 90s Rachel Green inspired look and I’m still hoping for that 90s SYS so I’m definitely gonna work for it! Such an exciting weekend 😊😃 thank you Koko for the spoilers!
  • samaaanthaaasamaaanthaaa Registered Users, Member 975 Posts
    edited July 2020
    Wow TS is sooooooooooocute 
  • BeckyTXo1239BeckyTXo1239 Registered Users, Member 452 Posts
    Omg the earnables are cute and the TS items are wonderful especially the handheld, anyways I hope I get in the top 5 to get the handheld because I want it so badly
    Device: iOS
    Currently at level 36

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