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    @Carol Davida I'm so happy you actually listened to me and took my words to your heart! It's always nice to share with others (especially new players) than make ugly competition out of it.
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    @LydiaKKH yes girl generosity is so beautiful. It is such an incredible thing 😇❤sharing is caring🥰❤
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    I got first place!!

    I had no ticketbuyers, so for once this weekend was enjoyable! See, @KalindaKing, this is how you do it! This is how it should always be! My #2 and #3 were great competitors, they submitted good looks and we switched places around during the weekend. There was suspense and I tried my best with my submissions. I would have been ok losing to them because it was fair and they followed the theme. Isn’t that what a competition is about?
    But I really like the cute dress and I’m glad I finally have enough opal dye to dye something because every time, I get 1 or nothing because of ticketbuyers!
    Please do something about TS. It is actually a fun game when Glu doesn’t ruin everything.
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    brom617 said:
    Beauties from the voting booth
    @Carol Davida is the second doll in the first row I think !
    @brom617 tysm for spotting and voting for me doll. That look got me 51 votes 🤩

    You're very welcome! That look was fire so I'm glad you got the votes you deserved! 💜
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    Loukkh said:
    I Really wanted this dress ! I'm so happy ♡

    @Loukkh where is that hair from? It looks incredible on your doll!  <3  
    Thanks ! It was the fashion goal during the 6years anniversary weekend 
  • LoukkhLoukkh Registered Users, Member 31 Posts
    Loukkh said:
    I Really wanted this dress ! I'm so happy ♡

    @Loukkh where is that hair from? It looks incredible on your doll!  <3  

    Thanks ! It was the new fashion goal from the 6 years anniversary!
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    ArianaKKH said:
    I’m so happy there were no tb :) and the first place doll definitely deserved it

    I think we were in the same group, you were killing it with the looks 😊
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    closing this. we just started tomorrow’s Sys thread, and want to avoid confusion and posting in this older thread by mistake.
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